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Establish A Healing Place

The Healing Place is dedicated to helping persons find healing in the deep places of wounding through the ministry of Formational Prayer. We are committed to providing support and training to ministries and individuals who desire to establish a Formational Prayer Ministry in their ministry context.  The framework for launching a Formational Prayer Ministry in your venue includes:

  • Personal consultation with The Healing Place Team to develop a ministry proposal & plan for launching this ministry. The Healing Place Team will assist ministry is developing an operational ministry plan for establishing this ministry.
  • Onsite planning and training sessions - Topics discussed will include:
  • Caregiver responsibilities and duties
  • Recruitment of Healing Care Ministry Team: Administrative Support Personnel, Clinical Support Personnel, Caregivers, Caregiver Assistants, Intercessory Prayer Team.
  • Curriculum Review: Agenda, Small Groups Sessions , Protocols, Experientials
  • Review guidelines and requirements for Healing Place Affiliates
  • Conference calls with Healing Care Team to assess progress and provide technical assistance and support to your caregivers who are leading small groups.
  • Assistance in designing an evaluation process to assess the effectiveness of the your Formational Prayer ministry.

Persons in your location who will be serving as caregivers for small groups are expected to participate in the following training opportunities:

  • Enroll in the Formational Prayer Certificate Program: This is required for ministries that desire to be affiliated with The Healing Place and Healing Care Ministries International.
  • Attend the Formational Prayer Seminar (Journey to Wholeness): All persons involved in the healing care ministry in your context must attend this seminar.
  • Attend the Formational Prayer Seminar(Advanced)
  • Attend Training Seminars sponsored by the Healing Place



Directions: Please complete this form and submit it to us online. We will contact you to schedule an initial consultation regarding the establishment of a Healing Place in your location.

What is the location that you envision establishing a Healing Place? It may be your church, ministry, non-profit organization, etc.

Please Note: The person listed above must be aware and supportive of this inquiry and is expected to participate in the initial consultation when scheduled.

Please share why the location named above is interested in establishing a Healing Place

Have you or other staff at the location participated in Formational Prayer seminars provided by The Healing Place? If yes, please list the seminars you or other staff have attended.

Please provide your name, position, e-mail address and telephone number so that we may contact you do discuss this form and arrange an initial consultation.

Best day and time to reach you to discuss time for initial consultation