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Caring For The Soul (12-week Leader Guide)

Thanks so much for visiting our bookstore.  Please feel free to browse the books and manuals available to support your healing place ministry or your own healing journey.

Caring For The Soul (12-week Leader Guide)
Caring For The Soul (12-week Leader Guide)
SKU#: PROD57974
Price: $55.00

The workbook is designed for persons serving as the facilitator/cargiver for the 12 week small group experience. It includes twelve sections for each  of the twelve weeks of the small group healing journey. Each week is divided into two parts, a Teaching Component, and a Life Situation Component.

The Teaching Component addresses the lesson topic in a teaching format that allows the leader to outline issues, and teach the principles and relative information  designed to heighten understanding and awareness of one's need for healing and spiritual growth. The Life Situation section is subdivided into three areas: Lesson in Context, Life Application, and Growth in the Journey. 

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